AWG’s Laramide Chapter Is Hosting A Workshop on Bystander Intervention Training

In an effort to combat racism and other “isms”, the Association for Women Geoscientists’ (AWG) Laramide Chapter is hosting a Bystander Intervention Workshop training! You will learn practical knowledge and strategies about what YOU CAN DO to combat unfair treatment of people of color, women, and other unfairly treated groups in professional and personal settings. The first session is this weekend, (3/27/2021) so get signed up! Please forward to people/groups you think would be interested in this topic. The sign-up link is:

Did I mention – the workshop is FREE!

Additional details – the AWG Laramide Chapter is hosting two Bystander Intervention workshops lead by Other Orb Consulting.

About this Event

These workshops are interactive events designed to engage participants in conversation about difficult topics including, but not limited to, racial-, sexual-, religion-, age-, gender-, and sexuality-based harassment, bullying, and exclusion.

The goals of the workshops are to:

• Raise awareness of barriers to helping.

• Raise awareness of helpful behaviors.

• Increase desire and motivation to help.

• Develop skills and confidence to help.

• Ensure the safety and well-being of attendees.

Workshops will be held virtually (via Zoom) and are intended for geoscience students, staff, faculty, scientists, etc. in academic, government, private, non-profit, and/or industry settings, but anyone is welcome to attend. Seating is limited and advanced registration is required.

Attendance is free and open to all, however donations are accepted and will go towards AWG Laramide Chapter Scholarships.